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I think the point for him was to show the undulating lines and curves at their most basic. Adding details like wheels, headlamps and windows would break up the flow of these elements and therefore defeat the purpose of the piece. » 7/12/14 6:27pm 7/12/14 6:27pm

Koenigsegg's Agera R configurator is the tits. Best part is that you get great all around views color wheel for paint, leather and stitching, rather than just a few pre-selected options. No options, so that keeps it simple. Positives of buying a car from a company that makes <10 cars a year, I suppose. » 5/15/14 5:16pm 5/15/14 5:16pm

Missing a shift. Could be as harmless as a bit of embarrassment and a small bit of whiplash for your passenger, or you could accidentally go from 5th to second - instead of 5th to fourth- in your SRT-10 Viper and obliterate a piston and send shards through the block. Shit happens. » 3/06/14 1:12pm 3/06/14 1:12pm

Koenigsegg has solidified itself as my absolute favorite (current) maker of performance cars, even before this. Everything that goes into producing the cars is absolutely stunning, and it produces some of the most incredible performance machines on the planet. » 2/28/14 3:21pm 2/28/14 3:21pm